Meet your new best friend .He is a sweet 86 pound boy who looks like he is mostly lab. He is neutered, up to date on shots and even going to obedience classes! He is very loving and always wants to be with people. He is a very smart dog and is eager to learn. He prefers to be the only dog, or in a home with smaller dogs. He is house broken and crate trained, and rides well in the car or truck.


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How old is Reggie? I am looking for a 3-4 year old dog to live in an assisted living house with my mom and 5 other residents. The dog needs to be calm and not one that trys to run out the front door. It would be great if he is trained as well!! I live in Fort Worth! My email is
Hi Loyce,
I am Melinda Reggies foster mom. He is a little over 2 years old, and is sweet calm and quiet, everything you want, but, his only problem is if he see's an open door or gate, he will go. That is probably how he ended up in this situation in the first place. I would love him to go to somewhere like an assisted living, he would be great because he is so loving and gentle. I will keep a lookout for a companion that fits your needs. If you have anymore questions about Reggie feel free to email me here is another great picture of our guy.

Does he run to the door every time the door bell rings? The owner of the house worried that a he might bolt out the front door and get hit by a car. They don't have that many visitors. Maybe we can work with him and train him not to go to the door when the door bell rings. Do you live in the DFW area? Maybe we could see him. I want to adopt a rescue dog for sure!!

Hi Loyce,

I live in Keller, Tx just north of Fort Worth. Reggie and I would love to visit the house and at least say Hi to everyone.
Great, Melinda!!

Would it be possible to visit either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning? The assisted living house is located in southwest Fort Worth, about a mile south of I20 off Westcreek Dr. The original post mentioned he was in obedience school. What commands does he know? Sit, down, stay? Does he walk well on a leash? I already have a crate for a large dog. My cell phone number is 817-797-5381. Give me a call!!

I am a dog trainer and would be interested in helping you train him not to bolt out the door. I know you said he was already taking obedience so I don't know if you need more help or not. Let me know if you do.
Melinda Meche
817 455-8132
Hi Melinda
I would love some help with him. I Have been working on wait at the door, he gets it, but its killing him not to move. He is really smart. I live in keller, let me know where and when your classes are and maybe we can get together, I also have a deaf 14 mo old heeler mix who is soooo smart. I want to enroll him in agility classes, maybe i can get some advice on that too. hope to hear from you soon.

Melinda Rhodes
Hey Melinda

I do not have a current class running. I will start one again in August. But until then, let's work on his skills so he can find a home. I am willing to come to your home so we can train there. I am trying to help rescue groups without charging. If you want to tip me for gas, you can but no trainging charges.
As for the heeler, you stole my heart. I love heelers and have one myself. They are extremely smart! Mine has a little temperament problem with strangers and we are working on that. I will tell you all about our agility experience when we talk. I am going to be taking a class with her to learn flyball, which might be better for your heeler too because it's not based on commands and with her/him being deaf it would be easier to begin. Then we could work into agility.
I tried calling the phone number you put but mailbox was full. So when you get a minute, call me at 817.455.8132 I will not be available after 2:30 today. Tomorrow I have a lesson at 9am but you can call me after 10:30. Look forward to talking with you. Also my website is You'll see my lil red heeler there.

Just a reminder folks, Reggie is still ready and


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